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Well it's time to head home , so I got up and showered and left Lou's about the crack of noon.

If any of you guys are racers you may remember Lou's Leathers. This is the same guy. He made custom leathers for years.
One of his more famous customers was Elmer Trett. The first motorcycle drag racer to top 230 mph in the quarter mile. The sort of thing you need a top quality suit for.
Lou also made my first custom fitted suit back in 1988. I used it for 20 years ,until it shrank ,or something.

I didn't get far before seeing the H-D shop had some kind of event on. I pulled in for a look and a hotdog.
They had a small show going on.

Inside they had a full brace of '09 R-E s on sale.

Back on the road, I decided to try a Whataburger while I was in the territory.

Like the man said in Pulp Fiction, "That is a tasty burger!"

Later in Alabama I pulled in a nice little dirt road to drink a Red Bull.

The spot wasn't as nice in a different veiw.

While at Lou's he told me of a ride he and some buddies had taken in Alabama to the Little River Falls and Canyon. I found it well after dark and heard the roaring of the falls and decided to stay so I could see it in daylight.

I couldn't find the campground so I set up the tent back a road for some kind of development. It was after midnight and no one was around so , no problem.
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