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Originally Posted by Zahnarzt View Post
This is a weakness of th early model TT600 and I thing we could come up with a cheap easy soultion. You seam to have stumbeld on a possible solution.
However,in my case, my stator only has six(?) poles and three are used for the ignition.Is this the setup yours had. I wanted to get mine rewound for lighting but wasn't sure if only three poles would work.
If I remember correctly, you get volts from number windings and amps from number of poles...maybe
I don't remember the original setup, but seems like there were 4 poles that were wound (1 ignition and 3 lighting) an 2 unwound. I sent the stator to Gary at Custom re-wind in Birmingham, AL and told him what I wanted to do. He said that no matter how it's wound the voltage would vary up and down with engine revs, just need enough winding to produce at least 12 v at idle. By adding the 2 poles to the lighting system, he felt that would be plenty.
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