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I had to climb out of the tent to drain and it was damn cold out. I climbed back in the sleeping bag and dozed off again.
When stealth camping I like to pop up at first light and leave, so this morning was atypical.
I was awakened by the crunch of tires approaching, busted! I looked out the tent flap in time to see a ratty Toyota P.U. making a u-ie. I guess he didn't want to be seen either.

The canyon in morning light.

The road splits around the Mushroom Rock.

Tree meets rock = love.

The Little River Falls.

I rolled north through Ft. Paine thinking of a southern breakfast.
I smelled something good as I passed a Mexican joint and decided to go way south for breky.
Huevos revoluto, con chorizo,con ceso. Yum.

Up the road I came on the road up Lookout Mountain.
Might as well have a look. I've passed by Lookout Mt. dozens of times through the years and this was the first time I'd ever gone up.

There are great veiws of Chattanoga from the Point Park. The park was a Confederate stronghold during the Civil War.

The biggest surprise to me was that the whole mt. is built up. It's a neighborhood.

I stopped by to see my daughter and son in law in Cleveland before the home stretch run.

The only problem on the home stretch was I got sleepy. I was fine running on my own but, when I got behind some cars I started yawning.
So to restore myself I headed down a farm road and across a field to a creek for a power nap.

I spread my tarp and drank a Red Bull then lay down to nap. I heard a metalic pop and looked up, things were fine, so back down.
I heard another pop and ignored it.
Then there were two pops in quick sucsession and the bike fell over . The sunken side stand syndrom.
That ended the nap.
I made it back into Ky. and was home a couple of hours later.
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