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Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
My guess:

A small tear in one diaphragm. When the slide is down the tear closes and sudden increases in vacuum are strong enough to lift the slide.

But at steady throttle, the leak opens a bit and overcomes the vacuum....slide drops and bike begins to run lean and sputter.

Did you examine the slide diaphragms completely and carefully pull them open to look for tears? Did you put the carb tops on correctly. On some, there is a small "dent" in the top that has to be aligned with a bleed vent in the carb body. It is possible to turn the tops so that bit doesn't line up.

What do I get if I win?
My AT is exhibiting the same problems as Thump's. I've had it to the LHD twice and have gotten no relief. I have the carbs off now and one issue discovered is one side of the pilot jet screw is broken where someone tried to remove it. We haven't checked the diaphrams yet. Could this affect performance?
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