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Originally Posted by bk brkr baker View Post
So I figured in Ky. the cost would be about $8000.

In Mexico, final bill $3240 and they did this work in 1 and a half days.
I spent six months working on South Padre (Hurricane Dolly). The locals all told me that they went to Nuevo Progresso for their dental work. Like you, they said it was +/-$0.33 on the dollar and they were always happy with the work. Great place to pick up your perscriptions as well. A nice road trip and dental work for 2/3 off. Fantastic. If you go back you can ride across the border. As soon as you get into town there's a restaurant on the left. The parking lot has a wall around it and a guard. Park there and have a drink or two or lunch. Do that and you can leave your bike in their lot all day, guarded, for free. Do what you have to do and then ride back across the border. If you need the name of the restaurant pm me and I'll see if I can get it from my friends down there. Also, you might look up Pirate John (he can usually be found hanging out in Jo Momma). He lives in an RV between Brownsville and Nuevo Progresso. He probably has more current information than I do as he's still living there.

Again, thanks for the RR. You, ummm, have any plans to do another RR when you return to NP for your final implants? Hmmmm?

Edit: If you go back to SPI, go to The Palms. It doesn't look like much but it's the best food on the island, bar none. I hold the record for the longest continuous stay at the property.

Edit #2: I see that Pirate John has posted in this thread. He's a great source of infomration for that area.

Edit #3: If I'd read to the end before posting I'd have seen you'd been in contact with PJ. I feel like a dope.

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