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Originally Posted by darmst6829 View Post
That thing looks like crap.
Thank you.

I took Trudy out to play at my club's annual "Isle of Swine" campout. My late arrival meant I only had about an hour to ride, but she worked really well on the dry dirt and gravel roads where we were camped. Definitely showed that she's on the right track.

But, she came home with only a slight coating of dust . . .

. . . because before the sun actually set I'd done some pretty serious damage to the ligaments in my right leg and my riding was over for the rest of the Summer.

I won't start that story here, but suffice it to say that no motorcycles were involved, and . . . I'm a clumsy oaf.

The good news was that while I was away my wife had reluctantly agreed to bid on a set of pipes on eBay for me. She was worried that she'd be responsible if I didn't win them (I didn't have a sniper app at this time). Well, she needn't have worried, because she did win them for me. Thanks, Sweetie!

These are the pipes I wanted from the start.

I believe they're MCMs. They were in great shape, not rusty but appropriately scratched and worn. Even came with beer can baffles already installed. They don't sound as deep and rumbly as the mufflers on the old pipes, but aren't obnoxiously loud. I can live with the slightly blatty bark, because they look absolutely perfect to my eye.

Next up, I finally found the right single instrument bracket to mount up the correct speedo.

I had previously traded the newer speedo and rubber mount for this properly bruised old magnetic clock. The headlight mesh was an experiment that I decided wasn't quite what I wanted.

If you hadn't noticed already, I'm very anal about all the little details, in fact, there are lots of little things I've omitted from the story because I tend to obsess over every little thing. It's surprising how much work it takes to make her appear natural, and not overly groomed. Especially when I'm overly grooming her.

So, she's getting much closer. I like the way the stubby exhaust sort of visually shortens the whole bike. The standard bikes, with low exhaust, have a stretched look. With short high pipes she shows her evolutionary step to the dirt bikes we recognize today. But, that long seat is still drawing the eye into seeing a horizontal line. Getting the seat right will be a major key to Trudy's look.

Here's the basic look I'm really going for:

The checkerboard on the seat is a bit too much, but all the proportions of this bike look just right to me.

Next I'll get to my first seat attempt . . .
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