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Originally Posted by david290361 View Post
Good on you!

I recently had a quote for 12 implants and two ceramic bridges from an Australian dentist. $35,000!

I thought stuff that, and went on the net. I ended up having it done in Hungary over two visits. The first they extracted all my teeth and did the implants in the morning, came back around 2.00pm and they put in the temporary bridges.

Scary, but it gets it over and done with.

I'm almost due to go back and get permanent bridges made and installed.

Total cost ?

$16,000, less than half the cost.

Modern equipment, good dentists and I get two overseeas holidays. Sadly, I couldn't ride my bike there.

I have a Yugoslavian friend whose mother and brother are dentists. Their practice in Jacksonville, FL is among the nicest (and most expensive!) in town.

Before the troubles here on the border you could also go into Reynosa and get cheap dental work, but for whatever reason Reynosa is no longer a destination for the Winter Texans. There really isn't anything wrong with the town, it's just that it's not as easy to cross there, and the streets are more complicated than Progreso.

Los Algodones, the Mexican side of Yuma, AZ, is also another place pretty well known among the retiree/RV crowd for discount dental work. That's a lot closer to the west coast than Progreso is, that's for sure.
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