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Hard closing Schuberth C3 w/SRC

Originally Posted by Be Rad The Fish View Post
I've had my C3 with SRC for about a week now. I do find it to be a great helmet for all of the reasons already mentioned. Couple questions, I couldn't find anything on these after searching:

1. Does anyone else have trouble closing the 'flip up' portion? I have to use both hands on both sides and really pull hard. It seems like the soft material gets in the way.

2. Does anyone else pair the Zumo 550 with a SRC and iPhone 4 simultaneously? Is there a certain order to follow, such as pair the Zumo and phone first then the SRC? I've gotten it to work, but it's inconsistent.


Comment on your #1 question: Because the SRC collar is thicker/bulkier than the stock collar, I have to use 2 hands-use thumbs to lift chin dampener cloth piece up so it fits over the collar then use other finger to pull and snap it shut. Oh and don't forget to move the microphone near your mouth so that it's inside the helmet when closed!! haha, I actually rode a few miles with the microphone outside when I first installed the collar.
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