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Wow, great report.

Early on i was going to ask if you wished for one of the bigger bikes. Then I read your bike bike home was a 225.
So how'd you like the extra beans of the big 250?

I rented a XT 600 from Wild Rider a few years ago.I didn't get into the deep shit as much as you. I only had 5 days.

I remember getting gas once and the young attendant looking at the bike trying to figure out what it was.
In my best pidgen Spanish I pointed and said "sei ciento". No reaction . Then I said that's right isn't it ciento means hundred?
Then the penny dropped, he said "Six Hundred, six hundred!" and went to get the other guys.

The other cool memory was on the Nicoya Penninsula heading north. I rode past some houses and up a hill and the track got thinner. I kept going til I was in a pasture.
I turned around and back down the hill , an old man was crossing the road from getting his mail.
I shut it down and asked which way to San Francisco.
He came up and got right up in my face, he had coke bottle glasses on and couldn't see well at all.
He looked at me and said "It's a gringo! and put his arm around my shoulders and said "Hello gringo"
Good moment.
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