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Take care dude. I am trying to get Mark to get a log in so you and he can share messages when he and Nick take their trip soon on the bikes. Looks like your in good hands as long as you don't get stung to many more times.... Take care man.

Originally Posted by bigalsmith101 View Post
Work done by Tato the Motorcycle Mechanic

1) Straighten front forks

2) Straighten front axle

3) Straighten rear subframe

4) Lace my hubs into new/used 21" and 17" rims with existing used spokes (many of mine were broken)

5) Labor for the above mentioned.

Total cost, $10.500 pesos. Or, at the current exchange rate. Just under $900USD.

He did the work in less then 3 days. My bike will be finished by today, and I will be on the road by tomorrow afternoon if all goes as planned. Tom, Charlie, and Sarah left San Ignacio this afternoon headed south. If I leave tomorrow, and ride long slow days, I'll reach them by Sunday afternoon, or monday. No rush.

What exactly I am paying for, I'm not sure. But by US standards, it is cheap. New rims and spokes for the front and rear would have cost me over $900 in the states. Labor costs would have been prohibitive. I received competent work for a good price. I'll take it.

More photos to come.

My luggage carrying will change, as my right side pelican case exploded into many pieces. However, my 1000D Cordura bag liner, custom made for a great price by Brady the cordura sewing guy over in the vendors sections, held up well, and kept my stuff in one place. My top pelican case will likely become a side case to replace my busted one, and a large canvas duffle bag will likely go across the top of my bike. We'll see if I can find one.


Thanks for all the positive posts everyone! Don't worry. I intend to finish the trip, and update it for the next many months. Continue enjoying! Ciao for now!

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