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Originally Posted by Tinks View Post
Are the aforementioned leg pockets the ones at the knee? I'm not sure I like a below knee pocket.

Is the internal pocket waterproof (a dry pocket)? I'm not a fan of my iPod getting wet.

Can we get a closer pic of the collar? I'm looking for both comfortable and capable of blocking out wind with use of a scarf or windbreaker (heated gear) and balaclava.

What is the intended temperature range for this suit?

Would you also consider reflective strips (not just piping) on the backs of the ankles? My Fieldsheer Highland II suit has that and I light up in low light and in the dark. Even in a grey suit, that is an incredible way to break up patterns and make yourself seen (or get the idiot behind you to disengage the auto-pilot and keep me safer).

Though I'm not a fan of pink, baby blue, etc myself, I do like a bit of decorative stitching that may suggest this is a female rider. Might that be an option?

a) the pockets are on the thighs, not below the knee

b) we will confirm on internal pocket being waterproof in the final specs of the suit

c) the collar is super comfortable with a soft lining even in front of the throat. we will have close up pictures when the second prototype is available.

d) Temperature ranges are always a personal thing because the threshold for cold/heat is different for everyone. This is intended to be a 4 season suit. Generally, it should be good enough for serious winter riding (with the Exkin thermal liner) but also work great in the summer due to the multiple vents. The waterproof liner will be removable to allow for better airflow.

e) we will be using reflective strips rather than piping.

f) the final design will be reflected in the next prototype


Update: we are waiting for another prototype to be completed. Once that prototype arrives, we will have a better idea of availability and pricing. We hope to start taking orders in early/mid May.

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