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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawkdesign View Post
The distance between the motorcycle and the sidecar does not change. The adjuster moves what would be the top mounting bolt on a standard swingarm/shock like on the rear of a motorcycle. The tilt moves the top mounting bolt up or down. That raises or lowers the sidecar and in turn leans the motorcycle. Barry
I could never figure out up and down while on the move. If the wheel is pushed down and the car is pushed up, is that down or up? And which do I want when? See what I mean? My feeble brain is just too preoccupied when I'm riding to solve these brain teasers. So I abolished those thoughts from my mind. Instead, I now have the switch for my tilt adjuster mounted in such a way that if I push it to the right my motorcycle leans right, and if I push it to the left, it leans left. No thinking required.

BTW, I really like my tilt adjuster thingy.
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