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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
Isolators? ISOLATORS? Jay finally caved in on isolaters? Does MikePa know this?

But, serious question here, what are these isolators and can they be retro fitted to an existing M72D like mine?
I bet MP would be chuckling about this one. Actually the problem was we didn't understand what he was trying to tell us. He said that his wife preferred the ride with them on the Ural and we took it to mean she thought it rode softer. Anybody that has seen the ones on the Ural knows they don't actually move hardly at all and only with a very heavy load. What Abenteuerfahrer brought to my attention one day was that they were stopping the motor vibration from reaching the sidecar body. DUH!

I finally found some isolators that were robust enough and designed so that even if the rubber was to somehow fail during use, they couldn't come completely apart. They are now on our M72's. I'm not sure about fitting them to earlier models as the floor construction has been changed to give more strength for this upgrade. Actually it was probably ok before but I didn't want any issues with the floor flexing.


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