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Originally Posted by AceRph View Post
Would fiberglassing some 2 or 3" wide 1/4" plywood strips across the bottom of the body at the mounting locations provide adequate additional support?
I know the floor is strong enough, specially at the rear mounts as that area is made stronger by the bulkhead being glassed in there. My main concern is that there may be some flex in front of the seat while stepping in. I know it won't break but seeing it flex might be bothersome to some people. I suppose an extra layer or two in this area would stiffen it up if there was a problem.

The other issue is the location of the flat bar that is welded to the frame to bolt to. Because the isolators are an inch tall the body would be lifted by that amount. Maybe not an issue but we have lowered the bar down into the frame so the body only sits 1/4" above the frame. Cosmetic mainly. Also, the isolators have a wide base with two mounting holes on one side and I put this side up to better spread the load on the floor.

Nothing there really to stop a little experimenting though. B

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