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Originally Posted by Eaglebeak View Post
Outback Australia

I was rolling well as long as I kept the momentum up. I came around the corner to see my mate had lost his front end in the sand. I stopped and then had trouble getting moving again.
We got weight over the rear which helped the drive wheel bite through the sand but I skewed sideways on the track. We pushed it backwards off track enough for me to get a run across the track and through the scrub on the other side.
That got me around the 50 metres of deep sand.

The outfit went well that weekend. A lot of the country was similar to the pictures. I didn't drop tyre pressures (rear car tyre 32 psi and front and chair tyres were on 34 psi) and this was the only time I had an issue.
Should go really well when the pressures are dropped. S'pose you can get A/T and M/T for that fat Suzuki arse too!
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