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Talking Pulls?

Your sidecar is looking great Bruce.....

Does you bike pull to the sidecar as hard as the st1100 did ?....

Mine pulled right real bad 1st up And after I had a moment or two flat out in 3rd gear where she really wanted to clear light poles off the verge instead of slowing for a rapidly aproaching sharp right. Took all my strength to keep it straight under brakes.

I still have not adjusted the lean out on her sidecar . .....

As you can imagine I have though it still pulls a bit.

I have now adjusted it so it runs straight under steady power but wants right under brakes

Wife still thinks your sidecar body type would be great on our gsa .....

She is going a bit soft on me.
Or it might be her sidecar is better than mine ....

I would need to test yours to see .


A little indicator light on the front of the chair and a power outlet on the seat.

A little indicator on the rear of the guard. Not sure about how it sits though.

Cut the thread on some of the fittings for more adjustment so as to make up for the saggy rear spring. Also drilled another hole in the mounting bracket a bit higher for the same purpose.

Took the boss for a spin this morning. Boy 130kg makes a huge difference. He did not fit that well either
He also has kept me to busy to take the outfit over the pits so I may not be going away with it over easter .
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