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Love those blue pipes
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Getting on well with the old girl. Around 500 miles so far. She's now fully legal with a license plate and all.

Ride is like a magic carpet - very smooth and the power delivery is almost perfectly linear. She's not blazing fast but certainly deceptive. This would be an easy bike to get a ticket on. Had a nice ride out with friends on Sunday. Starting to get comfortable hustling her round corners but 1998 front tire was not inspiring confidence so a Pilot Road 2 is now installed.

Clutch slave is leaking slightly and piston looks corroded so that's another chore. Engine, however, is oil and coolant-tight and is not making any smoke or strange noises. Idle and pick-up getting smoother with each tank of fuel. A bottle of injector cleaner no doubt helped here.

Have to go and finish putting the bodywork back on now, so I can take her out again to scrub in the front tire
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