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Love those blue pipes
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You've got good eyes!

The 13-year-old Macadam has gone, replaced by a 120 section Pilot Road 2. Noticeably quicker turn-in and generally lighter steering. It certainly inspires more confidence but the 80+ vibe is still there. I'm also noticing a very slight shimmy in the bars if I take my hands off at about 40mph.

While having the front tire fitted, I had the shop check balance on the bare wheel. The wheel was about 1oz off and had a slight deviation at the rim (I'd estimate about 5 or 6 mm) but no runout or damage discernible. We checked several times to be sure, reseating the wheel on the balancer between each. It took 0.5oz to balance the wheel with the tire fitted.

I'm going to pull the back wheel (which has an unworn 5-year-old Macadam on it) and check the balance on it before I start getting concerned. The vibe is very slight and I could certainly live with it but the bike is so smooth otherwise, I might be looking for a replacement front wheel if the back checks out ok.
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