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Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
Yeah!? try a Dicks burger up in Seattle. Locals love em, it's bill Gate
s fave, they get compared to In-N-Out all the time. I guess they are the same except not fresh, half as busy but twice the wait, No seating... or parking... not as clean or as friendly... And they suck.

I can see in_n_Out being 'overrated' but I've never heard anyone say they were 'bad' They are REALLY consistant, and always pretty damned good, and cheap. When I hit SoCal I gotta get me at least one.
Oh not, not bad at all. But the hysteria baffles me. There's one about half a mile from my house and there will be a dozen cars in the drive thru at 11:45pm. And I'll be on the East Coast and tell someone where I live and get "California? OMG, you can get an In-N-Out whenever you want?!" And try telling someone that it's over-rated and they'll look at you like you're worse than a child molester. I don't know what they sprinkle on those things, but it's damned good marketing job.
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Originally Posted by PirateJohn
you are safer in 99% of Northern Mexico than you are in 99% of Jacksonville, FL.
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