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Originally Posted by zen rider View Post
Hey the VX is already an unusual but cool bike. With some off road pretensions it is becoming sort of like a Japanese Triumph Scrambler, also in a cool-unusual way. IMO that color is just weird though.

I had a VX for a few years in metallic black. I set-up the suspension with better fork springs while replacing my fork seals (too many wheelies). That bike did much better first gear wheelies than my Wee, though in all other ways the Wee outshines it. For a longer wheelbase bike it handled pretty well and had great torque. Finicky carbs were a pain I recall. It didn't depreciate a bit when I sold it, as these bikes appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Your ground clearance and suspension travel will always be a real limitation off road.
Dad put a note in the email he sent with the pictures about the paint. Bottom line was free. Remember, this is a budget build.
Thanks for the comments about the suspension. Unfortunately for Dad, he is a little bit height challenged to start with, so even a bike like the Wee would have to be lowered for him. No matter what he rides, he would have to give up some of the suspension that makes the bike truly better off-road. A set of progressive springs in the front might do the trick, about as well as any with the limitation on ground clearance we have to work with.
Back to the paint, I'm sure he'll put it all together this weekend so we can see it. It may end up being one of those love-hate bikes where you either love it or hate it. Or maybe everyone will just hate it and he'll get enough peer pressure to just cover it with Rhinoliner. Don't hesitate to let him know, he has pretty thick skin.
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