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I've owned two of these in the past.
They are a great bike.
Loathed by the press when introduced, and a sales disaster for Yamaha but now a sought after rare classic.
The problem in the early days was it's high price tag, and the fact that as a sports tourer, it wasn't a significant improvement over it's already ageing stablemate, the FJ1200.
The fact that the engine was toned down to 100bhp from the original Exups (same engine) didn't help it's cause either.
Just one thing to bear in mind.
Most cosumables are still available off the shelf. but that front brake is unique to the GTS and not shared with any other model.
The single front disc, is actually two discs welded together and the front brake caliper was borrowed by Yamaha from a car manufacturer and adaped to fit the bike.
I know this because I was in the GTS club of Japan and spoke to one of the people involved in the project.
Yamaha no longer produce the discs.
Also don't crash it as the panels are also no longer produced
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