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Originally Posted by PWRCRZR View Post
Hello.....Hello...."Is this thing on?"
Originally Posted by akarob View Post
Yea, what's up? No updates in 6 days?
Originally Posted by AndyCap View Post
C'mon EC the natives are getting restless. We may have a coop on our hands.

Indeed, I meant coop, as in chicken coop. Instead of coup. You know, it's an egg and stuff. Chickens, eggs, get it - haha. OK that was lamourz, but you can blame it on E.C. taking too long. Somebody has to entertain otherwise the ADD crew will lose what little bit of their minds they have left. Current poster included.
Good to see we have at least three playing that will be tripping over each other to make a grab as soon as it's dropped.

But if an update will keep everyone happy for a little longer...Mr. Egg wanted to pay a visit to Whizzerwheel and A-Bone's thumb last Sunday.

Unfortunately, a drop could not be arranged then.
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