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Originally Posted by IRideASlowBike View Post
Dude... You have no idea, America has like THE biggest variety of great beers now. Not talking about Anheuser-Busch, but microbreweries.

To name a companies:

Sierra Nevada
Anchor Brewing Co.
Magic Hat

And those are just the big ones, there are unlimited numbers of small breweries that you don't even know about.
Do they deserve to be spelled Bier?

What's funny from a different perspective, is that the German Biers I like; well, if they were to be served in Germany to a German, I'm sure they'd think it the equiv. to our Budweiser here.
B.T.W. My favorite that I can buy at a local Dist. is St.Pauli Girl Dark. (that's still cheap enough for me to afford)
And, if all else fails, give me some Bacardi Dark Rum Select.

Gotta go now = getting thirsty!
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