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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Portland has more micro-brews than any other place on the planet!!!
Wow!,,that was close!
I had nearly completed a hate filled diatribe aimed at PDX and cities in general,,(I hatem) and it was a ripper too!
then,, something said,,STFU peterhead, and mellow out! I remembered the last time I rode to PDX,,and it was to meet-up with (my beloved but rarely seen brother) Raindog for some motovidtlknowgig.
A while back. _____________________________.

Portland stinks. I kinda need a bath too. And some of you wear way too much perfumey shit! scrub yer ass and swab yer pits regular, and you don't need no foo-foo juice.
All the girlperfumes, after-shave, and ,spritzes, & colognes won't defend you against a chili-dog fart in a sleeping bag! you make your own destiny!
But my next mission will be to ride the *[already drunken]*bicycle to the store for more beer, and not get killed in the venture.

MMMV,, ,,and prolly does,,

"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV
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