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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
and they all have that yeasty unfinished taste and they all suck,,so what?More in PDX area prolly,, butt lame the same ass,,near to me, my heart can see.
Just like Blewjean or anyplace. Lots of microbrewrys(sp,like I fucking care) does not equate to good beer.
to me,,same same,,all same. Got anything I'd like?,,,,,naw,, I didn't think so.
Find a beer that you like,
one that does not make you sick or hungover the next day,
or cause terrible headaches,
,or cause you to spend the early half of the next day scrubbing your stinky hole raw from multiple visits to the round white ring seat and abrasion from the miles of white butt tape.

That's almost Sig material there!

Find one that hits all yer cry-teary-uh, and stick with that beer.
or do like i do,,find one so rank and skanky, all high test, but cheap,,and nobody wants one,,,,buy that!,,

Best validation I ever heard for drinking skanky beer.
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