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Originally Posted by nerowolfe79 View Post

the main one is of course the squid guy: riding a RR in a suit doesn't make you a racing rider, and doesn't turn the road into a track.

otoh, reading here I don't think the Gap is the best place in the world for unexperienced/unskilled/noob riders as the one on the beemer. not sayin that slow riders shouldn't be allowed through, just suggesting it's not the most "relaxing" environment to grow skills into.
Looks like the NOOB had his act together and going close to, if not, the speed limit of 30mph.

Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
Racer boy was an idiot but I can appreciate the frustration of being behind a very slow rider on such an amazing stretch of road. It kind of defetes the whole purpose of riding the twisties if you're going to treat it like a parking lot.
Looks like the guy was going to speed limit. It's not a race track! It;s a public road with a slow speed limit. Not everyones willing to risk getting a ticket just to appease the squids behind them.

Originally Posted by FZ1 Matt View Post
If someone wants to go faster than you and you notice them, move to the right part of the lane and wave them by. That sport bike guy could have been following these guys for the entire video for all we know.

Slow traffic move right!
If you want to go fast on roads like that get out there early. No lines of traffic and probably no cops running radar.
Slow traffic moves right applies to two or more lanes in the same direction. Letting some dumbass squid by you have never met could be a very bad thing. You could be held liable if he ran into an oncoming vehicle or had an accident in general.

I hate being stuck behind slow moving vehicles just like everyone else but that's the breaks sometimes. Don't act like everyone should be ready to get out of YOUR way so as not to slow YOU down.
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