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Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer View Post
I'd like to toss out a theoretical question to all the arm chair judges.
What if the tag, which happens to be held by a Granite Stater, is planted and then grabbed by another Granite State Rider...who just happened to be...theoretically...getting on a plane and doing a fly and ride to pick up her new bike. Would it be ok, or not ok, to transport the tag on a plane? If technically it would get planted while on the bike ride home (theoretically).

Personally, I like that it only travels by bike. For me it ads a kind of hard earned luster to the story of the egg. I think someone had asked earlier in this thread if the egg could be moved in a similar way, and it was met with a lot of opposition.

I don't blame you for wanting to do it though. It would be nice to have some company on the ride home I bet.
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