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Motorcycling cyclists - At the trailhead, what to do?

So I'm VERY excited! Why? I just built up my new mountain bike (Intense Spider) and I just finished building a rack to carry the aforementioned mountain bike on my motorcycle. Yeah yeah, crosswinds, unstable load, weight distribution of the motorcycle shot to hell, my motorcycle will be stolen while I'm out riding the bicycle... Whatever, it's an ADVENTURE forum after all right?! Live a little will ya!

Anyway, there's NO WAY I'd ever be able to install locking hard luggage on my motorcycle, so I'm left with soft luggage.

That said, when I'm off to my favorite trails, in my saddlebags I'll be carrying my mountain bike gear - shoes, helmet, shorts, camelbak, etc.

My question to those that ride to their ride (assuming that you don't have lockable hard luggage), what do you do with you mc gear?

The best I can figure is this - 5ft cable + padlock. String the cable through my jacket sleeves, a pant leg and finally through the helmet chin bar and lock it to the bike. For my boots and gloves I can only think to put them in the saddlebags and have a bit of faith in my fellow human beings.

I've looked into Pacsafe products, but they don't make anything small enough for my saddlebags. Not to mention I'd have to buy a pair of them and their stuff ain't cheap!

Basically, if somebody wants something, they'll take it and there's no way for me stop them when I'm riding the trails, the best I can hope for is to slow them down.

Thoughts? Advice? Recommendations?
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