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Originally Posted by B-Rod View Post
Doubt it. Coma wasn't doing any giant airs anything close to the stills.
Exactly... ironically, the first still with the midget Coma jumping over the FMX rider is the opposite of the actual film (1:54) where the FMX rider is jumping in the background of Coma on the dune?

Seriously, just LOOK at the photos -

1) Coma is about 4/5th the size he should be in this picture - there is also no way he got the bike at that sort of angle off the terrain in the picture...

2)Again, where exactly did he take off from here? There is also no shadow below him (despite the dust kicked up from the bike below)...

3) This get's the award for 'trying way to hard to be convincing...' yes they put shadows in (badly)... but both of these riders are going to have an almighty accident the moment they land in the face of that dune...

4) Total joke... yes they tried to put some tyre tracks in the face of this dune - but there is no breaking of the crust on the top, no dust in the air, and also the feathering around the tyres in this picture gives it away...

5)I'm getting really bored now... no shadow, no point of take off in this terrain, the perspective is all wrong... and this shot particularly (like all of them) shows the the dunes and the mountains in the 'background' are not even in the same place...

I can't believe KTM had anything to do with these stills - it's pathetic...

Mind you, they've been dressing up LC4s for years as 'Rally Replicas' and selling them 'ready to race'... ahem.

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