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Okay, for those that wanted to see pics...

The rack isn't 100% finished yet. I still have some fine tuning to do as well as painting the whole thing flat black.

The rack is going to be attached to my spare passenger seat. I plan on taking off the faux leather and padding and bolting the whole thing to the seat's base, then strapping it all down around the subframe. This technique works well for my bike and I've used a similar set up for my knock off Givi top case and Pelican case. If there were a way to attach the rack to either of those locking cases, then I'd be set, but just no way to do in on my bike, an RC51 (I refer to it as my do all piggie).

Anyway, I started off with a piece of 3/4" plywood cut to size - just wide and long enough to accommodate the rack, along with the bicycle wheels and saddle bags.

Then I drilled a bunch of holes and attached a fork mounted bike rack meant to be used in a truck's bed. Next came 1/8" x 1" aluminum stock (found at Lowes). That too was cut to length and drilled. Add to the mix a bunch of stainless M6 bolts and I'm done.

The bike in question -

Rocky Mounts fork rack -

I took the remainder of the tubing to use as a means to hold down the rear of the bike. I'm going to use contact cement to attach a rubber strip to it so as not to scratch my chainstays.

All done up

Threaded rod and the little knobs can also be found at Lowes. On one end I have opposing bolts and red loctite, the other end will use a simple lock washer.

A spare tube to act as a cushion

Wheels on. I'm going to use 3/4" straps at the bottom and up top to secure the wheels to the bike frame and to the rack's base.

From the back. (Anyone wanna come over and tidy up my work benches?)

The rail is long enough to accommodate the road bike, cross bike, jumping bike and the Intense. It's not long enough for my Spot 29er, but with the Intense, I doubt that that bike will see much trail time anymore.

I may or may not use saddlebags to secure my crap going to and from the trails, but they fit both under and over the rail in case I decide to use them. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the set up. It's lightweight and it's very secure. I'm really looking forward to riding to my favorite trails!
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