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Goofy Gas thing

Originally Posted by mtnpat View Post
Nice report.

What kind of bike is that?

Do you have a tire recommendation?

What's up with the goofy gas can thing?
Bike is a 2007 BMW G650 XChallenge. It's fuel injected so no reserve. Fuel capacity is 2.3 gals and although it gets about 50-60 mpg, the low fuel light turns on at about 90 miles. Logic says I can keep going a fair piece more, but that yellow light is a bit disconcerting especially out in the woods. So when in doubt about fuel availability, I carry that Rotopax 1 gal container as my security blanket. The nice thing about the Rotopax is that it's thin enough to strap bags on overtop.

Oh, boy. Don't ask about tires cause if I write anything we'll start a major flame war. Everybody has their favorite I was using Metzler Karoos and they were "OK" but I'm not excited by them.
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