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Easter update

Show you what I did for turn signals. The one on the left was an original VX signal, one was broken beyond any repair and another was missing. But I had a bunch of signal lights that I had taken off my VS Intruders, 2nd from left, mounting them was only a slight problem, had to thread the mounting base, 3rd, than a little black paint and I had my signal light problem solved.

OK guys, It's about 90% done. Got it out in the sunlight today. My only real problem left is the gas tank, this one is garbage. Those of you that are familiar with the VX, know that the bottom of the tank is about half the thickness if a beer can and the top shell isn't much thicker. Will mine is totally rotted out, way beyond any repair. Don't panic over the windshield guys, it will be changed or maybe someone knows how I could re stain this one. I hope you guys like the fork boots, that was bigger job to than I expected, to find boots to fit and look good. It really hurts to take a raiser blade to a new $30 boot when you are only trying to make it look better. I think I nailed it. Another item I am very happy with is the rack over the front fender. I still have to add a support to it. $5 on Ebay. I have heated grips coming any day now, I might not have got them if it hadn't been for my Son, he said that I should have them, and I know he is right. I still need to get progressive springs for the front, new tires, and a few odds and ends. It will also be fitted with a GPS, I have a Garmon and I just found a good mount for it a few weeks ago. And new bark busters, got to block off the cold air from the hands. Probably wont get the side boxes until this fall. There will be more pics as I add new items, but summer is upon us and I still have some work to do on my Cruiser, and 3 other cruisers to polish up for sale. Please guys, don't hesitate to throw in your opinions and comments. Just remembered, in a few days there will be a real cool addition to the bike and a new pic so keep watching. And by the way, the passenger in the box is my Grandson, Seth. And ya, the fat guy setting on the bike, that's me. The picture would have been awesome if it had been my wife setting on it.

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