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Originally Posted by MrSandman818 View Post
Who out there in Cyber Space has a toy hauler and what have you done to it to make it yours.

I reciently bought a homemade 16' toy hauler and took it to the Odessa desert 100 for its maiden voyage.

So far all I did to it was fix the fridge and water heater.

I did add a toilet paper holder and towel rack to the bathroom. Finally found a a/c cover for the roof for $20 at the local rv shop. It was covered in mold so blasted it with my pressure washer now its almost as good as new.

But the bigger stuff was led work lights bolted on the subwoofer box that swivel so they are work lights for when your inside or there loading lights for outside. When there on at night it looks like the mothership has landed.

The roof was leaking badly so I went and had it Line-X'd because it has a lifetime warrenty and it adds a little grip to the roof when your up there.

Then I bolted my little kennedy machinest box to the floor on the back right side of the trailer. Works great!

Future mods...when I get a job:
Line-x the whole outside (leaning towards tan since I have a desert obsession)
Line-x the floor and lower walls
Axel flip to lift it.
Turn the inside to a tiki bar!
Bigger propane heater cuz its cooooold when its 28 degrees outside.
Another propane bottle
Ladder on the right side near the back
lcd tv with dvd player thats wired into the current system with the subs

Nice, Is that a camper that was gutted and a ramp added? or built from the frame up?
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