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I'm 35 with a 2-year-old so yes I've gone from riding dirt bikes a lot with a little mountain biking to riding mountain bikes a lot with a little dirt biking.

Before my wife and I had our daughter, I was practice riding twice a week and racing enduro on Sundays. Now I'm lucky to race two to three enduros a year and ride two to three times a month.

It's really easy for me to get time on the mountain bike since I have multiple loops out of my driveway that can go from quick 30-1 hour rides to full on 2 and 3 hour rides. I also do a lot of night riding too so it's just easier to get more mountain biking in now. If I want to, I can ride 6 to 8 hours a week before and after work without my wife even noticing.

It's not an either or thing for me and I still see mountain biking as a means to an end... I do it because it's more fun than running and the skills/endurance make me a better motorcyclist, but yes I am doing more mountain biking than dirt biking right now.

I recently sold all my geared parts and bought a Trek/Gary Fisher Rig. It's a singlespeed 29er hardtail. I'm in a lot of pain on my rides but loving the simplicity of no gears.
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