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Originally Posted by Ddodge View Post

I'm about to order some intiminators for my KLR650. Is there some reason you removed the front wheel and the forks?

I installed the Ricor Intiminators and rear shock on my KLR this winter. It is a HUGE improvement over stock. Well worth the money.
I have the 220 - 270 spring on the rear shock, it is for sure stiffer than stock, but i quickly got use to it. It doesn't wallow over dips in the road or pot holes anymore. Just soaks up ANYTHING.
I think that the stock shock setup was too soft.

I would recommend this suspension upgrade to anyone. Well worth it.

I removed the forks from the bike for ease of draining and re filling the oil. I am 210 with the Stock springs, the stock spacers cut down the same amount as the thickness of the valve. It feels fine. I cant quite remember how much race sag i have in the front. I think it was 2.75"
and i have the recommended 3.5 in the rear.

I use to have a hard time keeping up to by riding partner on gravel roads and 2 track stuff, Not any more. this new suspension has given me the confidence to drive the bike as it was meant to be driven.
Cant say enough good things. I haven't loaded the bike full of camping gear yet... Looking forward to that.
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