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Originally Posted by error cooled View Post
Sounds awesome. I am especially curious about the conditions of the following sections:

* Iron Mtn Trail 301 out of Damascus (this is 13 miles of singletrack)
* Walker Mountain 206 over I-77 SE of Burkes Garden
* Round Mountain 668 NE of Burkes Garden

Be prepared for fallen trees and big ruts . Take some photos too!

Those are ClutchCargos... I will let him answer.
We should hit Walker Mt 206 and Round Mt 668 but probably not Iron Mt trail.

It will be a quick ride up and back for me tomorrow (@ 300+ miles including dirt)... But my brother and another inmate will stay for a day or 2 more... They might hit the Iron Mt trail.

We will take photos but we might not see too much.... 80% chance of TStorms in Wytheville tomorrow....
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