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SRC range of 900' is not sufficient for ADV

A couple buddies bought C3's with SRC during the winter and on a recent trip we took to the mountains and forest roads in Tellico TN the 900' range claim was both: 1) "generous" and 2) insufficient for ADV riding.

The SRC was pretty much "line of sight", so the moment one of you goes around a corner or over a hill the comm is broken. And even when you are in sight of one another, 900 feet is not very far at all, less than 2 tenths a mile (0.17 mile). Pick a mark on a street then watch your odo and stop just short of 0.2 further. Not very far is it? And that's MAXIMUM range under ideal conditions.

Point is that the built in SRC (an integrated G4, according to Cardo) is neat to have, but for real ADV riding when you're on twisty trails or with elevation, or just holding back a bit from the guy ahead because of dust, you won't have comm. Regular Scala G4 has a max range claim of 1 mile. You might do better with regular Scala G4s if you're looking for decent comm for ADV rides. The integration of the SRC into the helmet has caused a serious range reduction that is pretty much unusable unless you're only a couple hundred feet apart. Am guessing that integrating the antenna into the collar of the helmet has caused the severe range penalty to the "regular" G4.

We've also tested Motocomm headset/PTT wiring units connected to Motorola EM1000R family radios on prior ADV trips and got an honest 1 mile of range through very heavy tree cover with some significant elevations between.

They do like the helmets themselves, very quiet, etc. Just thought since this is "ADVRider" that some SRC performance under real ADV conditions might be good to post up.
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