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@NDEBT: You're right: I could go a long ways on gas for the money this will cost but what fun is that?

My conversion budget it $3000. So far I've paid $1000 for the donor truck. That means: engine, transmission, fuel tank & lines, radiator, intercooler, etc. I just ordered the full gasket kit, cylinder head bolts & piston/rings for $890. I'm still ahead.

There's a few more expensive things on the list:
1. Hydroboost system to replace the stock vacuum brake booster system (about $300)
2. VSS to mechanical conversion box - also about $300. Unless I can find a mechanical speedometer pickup for the 500 series Allison transmission.
3. Gas to propane conversion kit for the generator - hmmmm.... also about $300. Till then I'll just haul a small spare gas can.
4. Drive shaft modification

Of course there will be lots of fabrication and creativity along the way.
The math says I should be able to double the mileage and be able to push the RV, fully loaded, including my 6x10 trailer loaded with bikes across the Colorado mountains at ~adequate~ highway speed.

We'll see.
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