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As promised, I got on my Mandarin Mistress, and hauled ass up to The Kanc to rescue our prescious from the Misty Mountains of New Hampshire.

Of course, I had to stop at Dunkins on the way in to get a coffee and size up the Misty Mounts in the background.

I found the egg with no issues, snapped this picture, got on teh bike, and then it started to pour. It poured rain the whole way home. It seems I can't just get the egg, there always has to be rain and long rides.

It was 21 celcius at the bottom of the Kanc and 16 celcius at the egg. Not too bad. The fog was thick as soup, but that made a sort of cool atmosphere. It's a good thing that all the contents were in plastic baggies, the egg was under water from the snow melt and rain. No harm done. I am sure our little friend saw a lot worse over this past winter.

I will get the new tag up this weekend. I plan to get the egg as far away as I can with the time I have available.
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