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Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
Isn't it strange how things like that fade out of public consciousness after only a few decades? I would have thought it would be nigh on impossible to hide/forget the existance of that much concrete, even in a city!

This track is in a large city park in a bad neighborhood across the road from a large factory complex. It had pretty much turned into a dump (like most of Detroit itself) The brush and trees had grown up and pretty much obscured most of it. At the other end of the park was a hill and a soap box derby track that was completely grown over. Imagine a soap box derby in Detroit!

While the City of Detroit can be a dangerous place if you go to certain areas, you sort of need to understand the demographics. Area wise the city is larger than Boston, San Francisco and the island of Manhattan put together. Now imagine those three cities and then take out 2/3s of the population. At one time Detroit was the forth largest city in the US with a population of 1.8 million. It now has about 700,000 residents. Large parts of the city are abandoned. There are something like 30,000 abandoned buildings in the city. (I am talking abandoned not just empty or unoccupied) That includes houses, commercial buildings and old factories. After the riots in 1967, most of the whites moved out. After the last 40 years of corruption and mismanagement by the city officials, most of the blacks who could moved out. Unfortunately, it is still the most racially segregated city in America. While the rest of the US has moved on, Detroit continues to have a 3rd world mentality in terms of race. They continue to resist any outside influences.

While most of the past city officials are now in jail, there is a new administration that is trying to restore the city. That will take several generations if it is even possible.

In the mean time there is a whole generation of suburbanites who are discovering that the city is one big wide open playground. Lots of underground stuff going on. While that leaves the door open for lots of nefarious stuff, it also opens the door for entrepreneurial stuff as well. As long as you are not murdering someone, Detroit cops don't have the time to deal with you and pretty much don't care. Heck, even if you do kill someone you only have a 30% chance of being caught, let alone being convicted.

So yeah, Detroit it dangerous if you are stupid. On the other hand, Michigan has a concealed weapons law and about 1/3 of the people carry, and that may be higher in Detroit. The crime rate has actually been going down in Detroit since that law was passed. So if you are hanging out in Detroit with a group of people, chances are more than a couple of them are legally armed. The thug culture in Detroit pretty much knows that. If you are white and are hanging out in Detroit, you are either stupid or armed.
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