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Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
Ok let me set this one straight cause I did it...
the compele lc4 wheel 58410001544 is that.. all spacers ,bearings, spokes and DID silver dirtstar DOT rim (which is wider at 2.50 instead of 2.15 OK with me!) ..
but the carrier is not included so you will have to get a carrier and rubber bushings..
Now the carrier has two pn's one is more money and believe it may have to do with the bearings..

You can also buy the hub complete that comes with spacers and bearings .. but you (or someone) will have to unlace your rim and you will have to buy a half set of spokes 54610471000 SPOKE M5X223-10G 18" as the hub is slightly different but you can use half the spokes off the old wheel . it will need to be relaced and trued..

so threre are both options

I got the complete wheel so no waiting. and it was nice and shiny.. Dont forget if you get a complete wheel you will need a wider rim lock..

and the rotors and sprockets all interchange as well as the 03 and later longer swingarm

still never figgured out why the sxc hub had the thin spacer with the sprocket.. useless
Thanks for the explaination!
What kind of tires do you run? I have dunlop 606s.
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