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Originally Posted by makazica View Post

Greetings .....

Do you have any write ups as to how you mounted that (Vapor, I'm assuming) tripmaster into your dash? Because if you do, I'd love to read it.

Here's my dilemma:
My old IMO's battery went, which yes, I can swap the battery out. Well I also scored I spare IMO, so my thought was to put the spare in, replace the battery in the one I took out (to have a spare), and Bob's your uncle ...

Well I put the spare IMO in, and it as well, has a dead battery, but what's more, and I'm not sure if it's a calibration issue or what, but the speedo on the thing is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. I don't even know if you can calibrate them. Ex: When I'm doing 35 mph, the speedo reads 98 mph

So, yes, I could swap the battery in the one I took out as I said, and then swap the battery in the one I put in, but now I'm thinking ...... Is there a better option?

What would be the pros of going with a Vapor, or is it Viper, or an endurance tripmaster, like in the above pic v.s. just fixing the stock IMOs .....

I mean, as it stands now, my odometer is hosed anyways and the bike reads 0 for mileage, so it doesn't matter what I put in.

I'll also be posting this question in the 640 thread index as well .....

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions everyone.

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