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I have a friend who lives in Hell, Michigan, and I told him about Thunderdrome II after reading about it on this thread. He and his Automotive Engineer wife thought it sounded like fun and sent me these pics:

"So K. and I went to the Thunderdrome yesterday. Its was cool, very cool because it was in that state of newness and not too over-organized but, I don't see how it can last, which is a shame.

First let me tell you about the crowd, because aside from the 'racing' this is the best part. It was the most eclectic group I've seen together in Detroit. there were cyclist, mountain bikers, hipsters, Hell's Angels types, the local alternative rock station was there, one black guy - one, college students, journalists. I'd say it was about 1000 strong.

I don't know if you've been to a velodrome, this one's an eight mile with banking easily 15' tall. The moped class bikes, over geared as such, with dropped bars and no front brake were going easily 50mph That's why it can't last there's no crowd protection, eventually one of these bikes is gonna go off track. There were also no cops and no EMT's there. To see what I mean look at the next two pics. See where I'm standing taking the pic and see where the crowd is in the second pic. . ."

He said this, too:

"What I don't have any pics of is the defunct skate park on the hill, where guys were pulling mega air on 250 and 450 cc dirtbikes! Is there any other city in the U.S where a bunch of white dudes could gather in the heart of it and do this kinda stuff without being runoff, or arrested, by the cops?!"

And this:

"We got there late, just as a biker club of harley's was leaving. . . but i'm pretty sure they limit the cc's for racing to about 100.

It was funny, at one point Steven there was a club pulling out of the park of about 25 Harleys, and they stopped and yielded for about 20 Vespas!"

For any one interested, TD II and TD IV are coming up later this year:

Thunderdrome! III

June 12, 2011
Gilmore Car Museum
Kalamazoo, MI.
9:00 Dusk
Rain or shine

Thunderdrome! IV

September 10, 2011
Dorais Park Velodrome
Mound Road and Outer Drive
Detroit, MI.
9:00 AM. to dusk
Rain date: September 11th
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