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Originally Posted by planemanx15 View Post
Just bought a trail tech vapor for a little bit of added luxury on the dr. Will report back when its all set up and ready to go!
I had thoughts of going with the Vapor but after using bicycle computers since the early 1990's, I eventually came to the conclusion .... I really didn't need all the extra information these devices provide ... I also had a bike computer stolen off the dash in Mexico.

I did find it useful having multiple trip meters and speed averages when laying out a ride route or back tracking. The Bicycle computers never had temp sensors or tachs, like the Vapor, but had most all the other features as the Vapor. I used the Sigma ones, about $30. Now, I just don't pay attention to much of it and last time the Sigma died, I just left it off. Never missed it. Still have the Super Magnet in my Rotor.

If I went with a Vapor now it would be to replace the stock speedo, headlight, and front sub frame ... it's all pretty heavy. So if you really want to put your bike on a diet ... that is one approach. At this point I've lost interest in that. But to each his own. Less weight means easier to ride in technical off road and less hammering to the bike itself. All good.

Some notes on over loading your DR650.
If all you ever ride is highway or smooth dirt roads like in Canada and Alaska then this is not such a concern. Load it up, no worries. But if you get out on rougher two track or serious wash board or whooped out tracks ... as found in California, Baja, and the Desert Southwest .... then an overloaded bike can have issues over time.

Running hard cases and steel mounting racks can be of particular concern. Running huge tool tubes adds a LOT of weight which could stress the sub frame or luggage rack. If you're only doing a few thousand miles ... probably won't be an issue. But over time and big miles doing rough riding .... everything will most likely crack or break.

So take a lesson from Jammin' Jay and others doing the RTW rides ... they have all had these issues. Traveling light is really hard to do ... especially if you camp and cook on the road. No real easy solution.

My solution is to do day loops. Get to a "hub" or "base camp" point. Leave your heavy gear there and do a "day loop" out into the rougher, more interesting terrain carrying only whats needed. Some locations are well suited for this: Like parts of the Mojave, Baja, Moab and even Copper Canyon. I'm sure there are many more.

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