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Originally Posted by Cigar Mike View Post

I wish we would have noticed that when you were here. It would have been a simple matter to grind off the material to provide more clearance...


No worries at all about not noticing that small interference when we were installing the centerstand. That's one of those things that it just takes the right situation to run across, and that's exactly what prototypes are for. And you are correct - it's a simple fix to grind off the material to allow clearance. I'm just not sure what the implications may be for future production of stands. Here's a picture of what I hacked away last night:

It looks like about 1/4 - 3/8" was removed from the deepest part of the cut (credit is due to Odell's IPA for the poorly staged photo). With my new HyperPro progressive springs on (NOTE: slightly different diameter from stock spring) there is almost 1mm clearance between the spring and the centerstand top plate when the shock is fully unloaded. I think this stand is about there! It served it's purpose well as the TA was up for some needed maintenance.

Thanks again for all of your support, Mike, and for your willingness to send a prototype on such a journey!

More to follow...
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