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Originally Posted by g r a n t View Post
Hi. Just checked. The backside of the motorcase (behind flywheel) is mostly dry. There is a very slight black residue on the front in a few places.

The front side of the gearbox case is black, wet and oily. The bottom of the housing is also black, wet and oily. The clutch assy seems dry (I have not noticed clutch slippage). What it looks like is the leak originated at the gearbox side, the oil dripped/weeped down and across the inside bottom of the case. The oil started to weep up the inside face of the motor case (behind the flywheel).

I could see the outer case of the clutch splines and the input shaft splines. Both look shiny and new with out a drop of oil, dust, build-up etc.

You can see some of the spotty black residue in places on the backside of the motorcase here:
Looks like you found it. "Shiny and new without a drop of dust buildup" can translate into a light oil flow onto a spinning shaft. Ever see how clean a scottoiler keeps a final drive chain with that tiny drip drip drip of oil?

Does the oil in the bellhousing have that sulfury gear oil smell? Either way I guess it's sort of academic at this point, since the gearbox will be in your lap soon and you'll be able to see for yourself whether the leak is coming from there.

Nice pictures. I see a input shaft seal R+R thread in the not to distant future.


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