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Wicked Oops forgot the glue!

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
You didn't mention the process regards removing the old, original foam from the stock seat pan. Was it glued on? Hard to peel off? So ... essentially ... you left out the whole middle of the installation.

Also, did you not GLUE down the new Pro Cycle foam to the pan .... or does it just sit there, held by the cover staples only?

I'm thinking its very good the new foam is stiff to start off. It will definitely break in ... and if it's proper seat foam it won't clap out after a year of use like the junk foam does. Let us know!
I'm glad you mentioned that. The old, original foam from the stock seat pan was barely glued on, a little across the back and a spot or two down the sides. It took a few gentle tugs to pull the old foam off the seat pan. So little glue was used on the old seat that I figured it wouldn't matter, for a bit, if I didn't add any to the new seat until I saw/tested the finished product. Not using glue would allow me to easily adjust the seat in the future, should it be needed. I doubt it will ever be need to be adjusted. After some real world, light and non-destructive future testing it would be very easy to pull staples & cover, add glue between seat foam and pan then re-staple, but I have an easy way to apply the glue without tearing things apart (read below). The new seat vinyl is stretched tightly (perfectly?) over the foam/pan and my overabundant/liberal use of staples should keep it tacked down well. The pan also fits into small foam ridges down the sides of the seat & under a flap of vinyl at the top of the seat which will help keep it from shifting. Should have taken a close up photo of those but didn't. I intend to check on the staples periodically and watch for any foam shift. Hasn't shifted in 20 minutes of use... road, highway and light off-roading.

I was paranoid I was going to bugger something up so I avoided making anything permanent, didn't use any glue between the cover and foam. I've readied/riggedup a syringe with IV tubing to stick up between the foam and seat pan to apply glue when/if needed, so I don't have to tear anything apart. [Edit: Procycle states on their website: "Just stretch on the cover and staple it in place."]

Thanks ADV Grifter.

[Edit: photos/ After 200+ kms of riding on the new seat I'm liking it even more, what a difference compared to stock. No shifting of the cover or seat foam, everything's in the same place]

Above: old stock Suzuki foam and small, flathead screwdriver used to remove staples
Below: new ProCycle foam seat kit with cover - not yet installed on old Suzuki seat pan

Evil, old stock Suzuki seat foam without seat pan and old, not-so-evil cover
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