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But seriously...

Originally Posted by forest View Post
How does it work? What can and can you not do? How do officials keep track of in and out? Is there a time limit on how long you can stay in the neutralization zone and how long is it? I am thinking about suggesting a rule change for snowmobile racing because I think it is a great idea to have some time to eat, rehydrate, dehydrate and not be paranoid about how slow refueling is.
With regards your question about "refuelling" at the snowmobile races, and how the "15 min nutralisation" (time out) control functions on the Dakar... here is the rule governing;

3) Refuelling during a Special Stage
The competitor alone is responsible for refuelling.
Refuelling must be done with the engine cut.
A 15 minute neutralisation will be put in place each time refuelling is carried out during a special stage.
Each refuelling will be preceded by a CP. After having given in their time card, each competitor must take their machine to the refuelling truck. Fuel will be distributed in order of arrival at the CP.
After having refuelled, competitors must present themselves to the neutralisation control, where they will recover their time card. A new start will be given at the end of the neutralisation.
All external assistance on a machine is forbidden during refuelling on pain of penalties at the discretion of the International Jury. Only competitors are allowed to help other competitors.
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