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I just fitted a set of Akro Ti end cans and had the Akro map put on.

It has made a huge difference to engine temp and exhaust temp.

Also looks better, sounds better, and produces more power with a far better power curve (considering I commute through city traffic on it everyday). So far I am riding with the baffles in, after two tanks of petrol I'll whip them out and do two tanks that way and then compare MPG, performance etc. and decide which I prefer, or if I prefer to chop and change for on/off road or whatever.

I deliberately went for the bling factor of Akro, despite the higher price, for a reason - the country I live in sells Akros for three times the price of the UK, I bought them in the UK and brought them back in my luggage.

Akros are basically the only recognised aftermarket zorsts over here.

When I am done with them I'll be able to sell at a profit - whether because of bike sale, upgrade, or even leaving the country to move elsewhere.

But all things financial aside they were a brilliant addition to the bike and have made it way more enjoyable to ride, especially at low speeds and have gone a long way to sorting out the snatchy throttle.

YMMV, I guess - especially as I switched to a 16 tooth sprocket at the same time...

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