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Love it. Freind of mine has put well over 150,000 on a VX. Solid bikes.

I modified a Yamaha XV920 in a similar manner. Here it is on the dirt roads outside of Hell's Canyon in Idaho last year.

It's heavy and way low but , if you go slow and pick your line it'll go alot of places.

Back to your build. I really like having alternate places for my feet on long days. On the Yamaha I cut down a UJM crash bar to have a place to mount the skidplate and hung some highway pegs on it. I can also get my feet on the passenger pegs for a more sporty possition. Also the riders and passengers pegs are close enough together that I can rest my feet on both for a total of 4 different options. I use them all in a long day.

Also I added a Vista-Cruise throttle lock. Great to have on long days also.
With the metal sidecases I was able to add a couple of shelves to the back that carry 5 liter S-100 jugs for spare gas. I made the shelves from road signs and the extra weight isn't really noticable. Last year on a nine day trip I used the gas from those jugs 4 times.

Anyway, looking good! And I'm betting you will bring it in within your budget. I have about $1000 in the Yamaha also.
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